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  • CNC Woodcraft Ltd. offers a wide variety of door profiles and designs.
  • To Order doors, pick the profile you wish, then choose the door design (eg. 8000 arch, 2000 classic).
  • Choose if you require raw MDF or white melamine backed MDF.
  • Then choose which edge profile (lip) you require on you doors.
  • Stiles and rails are standard 2" (2 1/2" on shaker doors) which is measured on the flat surface only.  Other sizes available at no additional cost if required.
  • We have no standard door sizes, so there is no extra charge for odd size doors.
  • Doors can be ordered in either imperial or metric measurements (see our door order form).
  • To see how you can be creative and unique in ordering you doors see the ideas and examples here. Go to "Door Style Variations"

Door Designs

classic door royal door arch door cathedral door open frame door
Cathedral Open Frame


Back Recess

Back recessing is available for a reasonable upcharge to give your doors the look of a 5 piece door. This option is available on any raw back MDF door. Please indicate at time of order to have this option added to your MDF door order.

Door Profiles

Click on image for more door profile information

slab door
1000 classic
1500 classic
1000 Raised Panel
1500 Raised Panel
2000 classic
3000 Series
4000 classic
2000 Raised Panel
3000 Series
4000 Raised Panel
4500 classic
5000 shaker
5010 shaker
4500 Raised Panel
5000 Shaker

5010 Shaker

5100 shaker
5100 sgl bead
5100 dbl bead
5100 Shaker
5100 Single Bead
5100 Double Bead
5200 shaker
5250 shaker
5300 shaker
5200 Shaker
5250 Shaker
5300 Shaker
5400 classic
6000 classic
6100 classic
5400 Shaker
6000 Raised Panel
6100 Flat Panel
6110 Flat Panel
6200 Flat Panel
7000 Classic
6110 Flat Panel
6200 Flat Panel
7000 Raised Panel
7000 Flat Panel
7500 Classic
8000 classic
7000 Flat Panel
7500 Raised Panel
8000 Raised Panel
8000 flat panel
9000 classic
cp-100 Classic
8000 and 9000 Flat Panel
9000 Raised Panel
CP-100 Raised Panel
cp-101 classic
cp-102 classic
cp-103 classic
CP-101 Flat Panel
CP-102 Raised Panel
CP-103 Flat Panel
cp-104 classic
cp-105 classic
cp-106 classic
CP-104 Flat Panel
CP-105 Flat Panel
CP-106 Raised Panel
cp-107 classic
cp-108 classic
cp-109 classic
CP-107 Flat Panel
CP-108 Flat Panel

CP-109 Raised Panel

CP-109 flat panel
cp-109 fp inside bead only
cp-110 classic
CP-109 Flat Panel
CP-109 Flat Panel Inside bead only
CP-110 Raised Panel
cp-111 classic
cp-112 classic
tsc-35 door
CP-111 Flat Panel
CP-112 Flat Panel
TSC-35 Flat Panel
tsc-50 door
tsc-51 door
tsc-80 door
TSC-50 Flat Panel
TSC-51 Flat Panel
TSC-80 Flat Panel


Click here for information on adding mouldings
to our doors to create your own style


Rail Profiles

(click profile for more detail)

Standard rail 

"A" rail  "B" rail

*** All above rail profiles are shown with the 8000 Square Corner door style. ***

Outside Edge Profiles

(click profile for more detail)

Square edgeB edge

C edgeG edge

N edgeO edge

5/16" R edge1/8" R edge

1/16" R edgeAppliance panel


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